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Posted Friday, Feb 6, 2015 

Paddington Film China Premier
When: 4pm – 8pm on Tuesday 3rd March
Where: The Shanghai Film Museum.
Draft event schedule:
4pm - the students and teachers arrive5.45pm - the special guest arrives and walks the red carpet, in the venue foyer he will meet the students view the artwork as well as meeting a number of Chinese celebrities, the film's producer and director and a few CEOs with connections to the wider festival. Following this meeting the students and guests will go into the film and the special guest will move to another engagement.

Art display details:
The consulate is creating a display board for each school. Each board will have the relevant school logo/crest at the top and the 5 pieces of artwork will be mounted on the boards below. The consulate will send out the details of how the logo/crest will be featured and what details/materials they need from the school.

The competition: Paddington's Adventure to China
The brief: Design a new outfit for Paddington for his adventure to China. Designs must be displayed on paper or board no larger than one A3 page. The designs can be created by any medium as long as the resulting work is 2D and can be pinned/attached to a display board (e.g. students can paint, draw, collage or design on a computer the artwork).Restrictions: Students entering need to advise if they are available for the event.

Pre event timeline:
Deadline for entries, Friday 13th February 2015
The consulate needs to receive the winning artwork to mount on a display board by March 2.The event takes place on March 3.

Mrs. Lindsay Bellis
Director of Marketing
Posted Friday, Jan 30, 2015 

Dulwich College Junior School would like to congratulate the following students for their achievement in being selected as the Finalists in the City Weekend Parents and Kids Art and Writing Competition.

Cynthia Sekely, Ella Perez, Jacqueline Shih, Sienna Guise, Skylar Chan and Roger Xu.

We were all treated to a lavish ceremony at The Millennium Grand Hotel in Hongxio last Saturday.

Special congratulations go to Roger Xu who won the overall prize in the 7 to 10 age range out of all of Shanghai for his " Freak of Nature" fantasy animal made from materials that ironically could harm the Freak of nature's habitat. The fantasy animal was made into 5 different endangered species on land. Rogers piece is a sculpture and he enjoyed hammering and sawing in making his piece.

Ellie Michelson, who has left the school, is also a runner up and her family in Singapore have been notified.

It was a wonderful occasion and once again, I am delighted and proud with the successes of the Dulwich College Junior school children in Art.

Posted Friday, Jan 9, 2015 

Dear Children,

We are delighted to announce yet another very exiting competition that shall give you an opportunity to have your work printed on the front cover of Time Out magazine.

For Time Out Family¹s next issue, to be published in early March, the magazine think it would be a lovely idea to have children from the city¹s International schools design their cover based around the theme of the Year of the Sheep and Chinese New Year.

The cover does have a format so it is very important that you take note of the dimensions and allow for the space for their title and bar code. There is a format template attached, so that you have an idea as to how to compose your design.

Here are a few tips:

Bright colours are always eye catching.
Compose your picture so that it is bold and lively (try not to make your images too small).
Fill the space well. An idea is also to make a paper cut too!
Remember, keep it relevant: its the Lunar New Year and its the Year of the Sheep! How do we all celebrate Lunar New year?

Please hand all your entries in to me by the end of January, with your name and class clearly marked on the back. They need to be sent off by Friday 30th January!

There is a terrific prize for the winner and I know that you can do it!

Good Luck to all you talented artists!

Posted Friday, Jan 9, 2015 

We are delighted to inform you of the shortlisted winners of the City Weekend Art and Writing competition on the theme of 'Animal Magic'.

Out of 700 entries we have 6 children who have been selected to attend the Award Day Ceremony.

Group B School Ages 7-10 Age
1 Dulwich College Shanghai Cynthia Sekely 8
2 Dulwich College Shanghai Ella Perez 8
3 Dulwich College Shanghai Ellie Michelson 9
4 Dulwich College Shanghai Roger Su 10
5 Dulwich College Shanghai Sienna Guise 8
6 Dulwich College Shanghai Skylar Chan 8

To show their appreciation and commemorate the artistic effort, City Weekend Parents & Kids would like to invite the nominees and their families to their Award Ceremony.

On the day, the final winners and runners-up will be announced and presented with their awards.
During January 12th-Jan 24th the nominees`artworks will be displayed at Grand Millennium Hotel lobby and the Award Ceremony will be on 25th January from 1:30pm-4pm.
I shall also be there to support and congratulate the winners.

Well done to all of you and we hope to find an opportunity to display the rest of the submitted work by the children so that you can enjoy all the entries.

Thanks very much and we wish you a happy New Year!

Posted Thursday, Nov 20, 2014 
A few DCS students were lucky enough to attend an inspirational speech by Dr. Jane Goodall last week.
Dr. Jane Goodall is the founder of the 'Roots and Shoots' organisation and shared with the children all the work that is currently taking place across the globe regarding conservation and animal welfare issues.
Dr. Jane's speech began with a terrible reminder of the hundreds of animals facing extinction every year around the world due to the complacency of human beings.
Following on from this topic, some of our Junior School children would like to raise awareness of a very special but endangered creature called a Pangolin. This marvelous anteater can be found in Namibia, Africa and in South East Asia. It is so unique and is almost prehistoric in appearance. Its scales are made of keratin (the same material used for horns and hooves) and a tongue that stretches further than the animal itself. Pangolins have no teeth and eat up to 70 million insects a year.
Unfortunately, Pangolins are in deep trouble. They are bundled and shipped in crates and are transported to China and Vietnam where they are used in restaurants and the Chinese traditional medicine trade. This illegal wildlife trade is responsible for the rapid decrease in their numbers worldwide.
Our Junior School children wish to have these creatures in their world when they grow up and want to make a stand! The children have formed a group called 'Children Run' where they make crafts to sell so they can help the pangolins.
Below you will see some designs to help raise awareness for the Pangolins. These designs have been put on mugs that can be purchased from the college's uniform shop.

Please spread the word to help these very vulnerable and precious creatures today.
Junior School Roots and Shoots CCA students.

Posted Monday, Oct 20, 2014 

Our Year 6 students really enjoyed the opportunity to visit the magnificent Shanghai Maritime Museum on Friday 17th October.

The children made pencil studies of various items of interest including the famous explorer, Zheng He. Some of the children were able to make detailed sketches of many original designs including that of a bronze bell that would have accompanied Zheng He on his famous expedition in 1431.

The replica of a huge junk dominated the main hall and attracted the interest of all the children as they were able to imagine the billowing sails as it journeyed in the South China Sea – this will certainly help the children create some wonderful artwork over the next few weeks.

The children made some wonderful line drawings and many made good use of shade and depth using tonal contrasts – I am very proud of the work they produced during this special visit.

Isabel 6E

Mimi 6H

Steven 6E

Allison 6M

Ms. Pia Kanaan
Head of Junior School Art

Posted Monday, Oct 13, 2014 

Dulwich College Management International has opened up a competition for all Dulwich Colleges around the region to design a school flag to represent their own College. Each campus can submit one entry to be considered for the final prize. This competition is open to all age groups.
The flag must show our school values, our location, our spirit and our individuality. Students should remember that bold, colourful and simple designs make the best impact.
The overall winner from all the Dulwich Colleges will have their design made into a real flag to be displayed at the Dulwich Olympiad early next year.
Deadline: 10th November

All designs should be handed to either Mr. Andrew Stooke in the Senior School or Ms. Pia Kanaan in the Junior School. All entries must be clearly named.

Posted Wednesday, Sep 24, 2014 

Calling All Artists Again!

Last week, I announced a number of creative competitions for all our budding artists in the Junior School. This week, I have another wonderful opportunity.

15th Annual Parkway Health Charity Art Calendar Contest
This competition is open to all children between 7 to 12 years of age.

Theme: Super Health
Super Health can mean anything related to all aspects of health.
Please submit your artwork to Ms. Kanaan in the Junior School Art room by Thursday 23rd October. Rules

Type of Art: Painting, sketch, paper cutting or computer-aided drawings.
The work needs to be a two-dimensional piece of work, as it needs to be able to be scanned.
Size: A3 Size.
The following information must go on the back of each artwork: Artist's First and Last Name - Age
- School
- Title of Work.

Prize: Winning artwork will be displayed in the 2015 calendar. All proceeds from the calendar will go towards helping children with health issues. There will also be a prestigious award ceremony for children, teachers and parents in January.

Dulwich College students have won this competition every year. Annabel de Marino and Shu Yong Tan were winners of the 2014 calendar.

I look forward to seeing your amazing artwork. Get creating right away! We don't have long but you do have the October break in which to start making your masterpieces.

Ms. Pia Kanaan

Posted Friday, Sep 19, 2014 

The Shanghai Municipal Education Committee is running a photography competition for Junior School stud

ents to strengthen cultural exchanges and to celebrate diversity within Shanghai. All Junior School students are encouraged to take part in this exciting activity.

Details about the event are outlined below. Parents are also welcome to contact Ms. Foster if they require any further information.

Theme: I grow up with Shanghai

Entry Requirements: A single photo or sets of no more that 4 photos in a sequence. The photos must represent the theme and must be in a positive style.

Photos should be submitted with the name of the student, year group, teacher's name and name of the work/s.
Photos must be 14 inches (30.48cm x 35.56cm) and submitted without a frame.
There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
Closing Date: Monday 13th October

Entries should be handed directly to Ms. Victoria Foster

Photos won't be returned to the student following submission and the organising committee has the right to use the awarded photographs in relevant activities.

Posted Friday, Sep 19, 2014 

Calling All Artists!

This month, we are promoting several creative competitions for all our budding artists in the Junior School. Last year, DCS students were very successful in some of these events and we hope to continue our winning streak!

City Weekend Art and Writing Competition

We are delighted to announce the City Weekend Art and Writing Competition. This competition is for students who are between 7 and 12 years old.

Theme: Animal Magic

I am quite sure that many of our students will be bursting with creative ideas on this particular theme. I know that I love animals and here is an opportunity for students to create their own creature.

Students should think about:

What will it look like?
Will it be a mixture of animals put together?
Will it live on the moon with eyes full of stars?
Students can create their own wonderful creature in their own setting. They can let their imagination flow!

Additional Rules

The artwork can be a drawing, painting, collage or sculpture.
There are no requirements related to size.
All artwork must be accompanied with a piece of writing about the animal and must be no more than 100 words.

Deadline: 29th October.
Entries must be handed to Ms. Pia Kanaan (pia.kanaan@dulwich-shanghai.cn).

Dulwich College Shanghai has already earned itself a very good reputation in submitting winning entries for this competition. Cindy Wang won 1st prize last year.

Posted Tuesday, Apr 22, 2014 

The children in Year 3 have been learning about ancient civilizations in their topic work and have learned specifically about The Romans and The Mongolians. In Art the children have learned about the nature of mosaics and their subject matter. They have researched designs and have come up with their own (see sketch designs) of birds, wolves, patterns, and Roman warriors, for example.   The children then translated these designs onto mosaic tiles, learning how to arrange and cut the tesserae's to enhance their designs. 

                                    Pia Kanaan

Head of Junior School Art



Posted Tuesday, Mar 11, 2014 

Do you know what a Pangolin is? Well, they are scaly anteaters, nocturnal mammals that live on land in tropical areas. At day most pangolins curl up into a ball and sleep; curling up into a ball also defends them from predators.

A pangolin has long tail, short powerful limbs and a conical head and a sticky tongue. Some pangolins live in trees but most are ground dwellers. Ground dwelling pangolins have strong legs capable of digging into termite mounds for food. The arboreal pangolins have prehensile tails, which they use both for balance and as a hook to hang from.  Arboreal pangolins roll up a tree hollow at night to sleep.

Pangolins vary in size. The Long-Tailed Pangolin is smallest, at about 3 feet (1 metre) long and weighing 3-4 pounds (2 kg). The Giant Pangolin is almost 6 feet (2 metres) long and weighs 70 pounds (32 kg). The Giant Pangolin’s tongue is about 2 feet (61cm) long, and internally is anchored to the pangolin’s hipbones.

But did you know that there are few still alive, that they are one of the most endangered mammal groups in the world? And did you know that humans are the cause of this?
They are used mostly for medical purposes. The fetuses of a pangolin and its blood are used for medicines; the meat is considered a delicacy, their skin makes attractive leather for boots and stuffed pangolins are sold as souvenirs.

Pangolins are being poached at levels over 3000 times higher than rhinos; roughly 1,200,000-1,300,000 pangolins are being poached. Over the last 15-20 years the pangolin population has decreased by 50%.

Below are some websites you can view to discover more information about pangolins.
Save Pangolins-http://savepangolins.org/
 “ Paddy the Pangolin”
Project Pangolin- http://pangolins.org/

Yoko Tai
Year 5 Student

Posted Friday, Feb 21, 2014 

Last weekend saw the long awaited Award Ceremony for the City Weekend Art and Writing competition, on the theme of The Candy factory.

Dulwich College Junior school did particularly well, with winners in all three entered categories, gaining first, second and third places in their age categories.

Congratulations to the winners who celebrated with presents and of course, candy, at the Golden Jaguar Hotel. Lucy Andrews as a finalist, Shu Yong Tan as third prize winner, Dabin Namgoung in second place and Cindy Wang in first place attended the ceremony.

Cindy's wonderful collage of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has received a bid by the main sponsor of the competition and she is still thinking whether to accept his offer to buy her piece. What a great start to your art career Cindy!

Well done to you all!

Ms. Pia Kanaan
Junior school art teacher

Posted Friday, Jan 24, 2014 
Dulwich College Shanghai was proud to host the 14th Annual Parkway Health Calendar competition

Dulwich College Shanghai was proud to host the 14th Annual Parkway Health Calendar competition in the Senior School library on Saturday, 18th January.

The artists, teachers and parents represented nine schools and we were proud to be represented by our two Dulwich College Junior School winners: Shu Yong Tan and Bella De Marino, both in Year 4.

The library looked very inviting, adorned with beautiful artwork, flowers and some light refreshments. Ms. Kristie Tan from Parkway Health presented the prizes to all the budding artists and a cheque to their charity for 5000rmb from the sales of their calendar.

The beautiful artwork of these two students is on display in the Main College Reception.



Posted Thursday, Dec 12, 2013 

It has been a little over one month now since we sent off our entries to the City Weekend Art & Writing Competition on the theme of the 'Candy Factory'.

It was probably our most popular competition to date and you may have seen a fleeting glimpse of some of the entries in reception a day before we submitted the impressive works in both 2D and 3D.

Thanks to all of you who submitted your works – they were fantastic!

This year, City Weekend received a total of 944 submissions from 17 schools in Shanghai! Though the judging process was very difficult, they narrowed down all the submissions to 81 finalists.

We can now, at long last, announce the winners and finalists. The works will be displayed in school in Januray.  

Congratulations to the following winners and finalists:

Shu Yong Tan- 3rd place in Group B (age 8)
Dabin Namgoung- 2nd place in Group C (age 9)
Cindy Wang- 1st place in Group C (age 10)

Lucy Andrew, age 10
Alkmene Boutair, aged 7

These students are invited to an award ceremony which will be held on Saturday, January 11th. The venue and exact time will be announced in another email that will be sent out to the children's parents.

Thanks again to all of you.

Ms. Pia Kanaan
Junior School Art Teacher

Posted Thursday, Nov 14, 2013 

I am delighted to announce the two winners of the Parkway Health 2014 Calendar Competition, proceeds from the calendars will go to charity to support children with Leukemia.  They are:
Bella de Marino and Shu Yong Tan (who was also a winner last year) both in Year 4.
Well done! You have done us proud!
They were chosen out of all the entries from in and around Shanghai and only 12 children in total were selected.

Secret Squirrel Art Alert:
Introducing an exciting personalised Christmas present idea:

We are delighted to have sourced various models of transparent plastic covers for an iPhone 4,4S, 5, 5S or 5C for your child to design and make for that very special person at Christmas time.

We have the covers ready in the Art room for your son or daughter to paint and decorate with a unique and personalised design.

This does not need to be rushed and can take until Christmas to make and will retail at 50rmb at the Winter fair and near Christmas. All proceeds will go towards the moon bears at Animals Asia Chengdu Rescue Centre and the Noughts and Hearts charity.

Your children can come to the Art room to collect covers and we will start our very own designs.

Art Lovers Alert: The Impressionists paintings are here in Shanghai!
The Impressionists were a group of painters who lived and worked mainly in Paris and France during the 1880's and up to the turn of the century.  They are best remembered by pretty pictures on the front of chocolate boxes, however, they were far from being about creating nice paintings of every day life, they caused a revolution in Art that has changed art ever since.

Barbizon through Impressionism: Great French Paintings from the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute are unveiled at the Shanghai Museum until 4th December.

The exhibition begins with the landscape paintings of the Barbizon school (those who painted the Great Outdoors) and Impressionists, featuring representative works by Camille Corot, Jean-Francois Millet, and Theodore Rousseau. There are also paintings by Camille Passarro, Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
The 73 paintings on display take hours for visitors to appreciate.

It is a must and not to be missed exhibition! Especially for Year 3 who are studying the portraits of Eduard Manet (one piece in the exhibition).

Junior School Charity Project : Cycle Re-cycle.
The Will Foundation boys were in Junior School this week and painted my bike in the style of the Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh (an Impressionist painter).  If you would like to have your bike painted for the sum of 80RMB, you too can have a style of the impressionists (dots, sunflowers) painted by the children in the Junior school. The money raised will go towards Noughts and Hearts and the Moon Bears. Please bring your bike to the Art room on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. Thanks!

Ms. Pia Kanaan
Junior School Art Teacher

Posted Friday, Oct 25, 2013 

Introducing an exciting personalised Christmas present idea:

We are delighted to have sourced various models of transparent plastic covers for an iPhone 4,4S, 5 5S or 5C for your child to design and make for that very special person at Christmas time.

We have the covers ready in the Art room for your son or daughter to paint and decorate with a unique and personalised design. 

This does not need to be rushed and can take until Christmas to make and will retail at 50rmb at the Winter fair and near Christmas. All proceeds will go towards the moon bears at Animals Asia Chengdu Rescue Centre and the Noughts and Hearts charity.

Your children can come to the Art room to collect covers and we will start our very own designs next week.

Ms. Pia Kanaan
Junior School Art Teacher

Posted Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 

Year 4 have been studying Environments in their topic work. In art, we have been focusing in on architecture and urban landscapes.

The children have been learning about the architecture of modern and traditional China.  They have incorporated their building in a ceramic shape, and have studied and recorded the Chinese designs of ancient art relics. I am sure you will agree this design work is really striking.

Cindy Nie (4G)       Matthew Zhang (4S)

Year 5 have been studying the wonders of the Universe. They have learned all about Nebulas and Supernovas. We have been amazed to learn that the 92 elements that make up every part of every material on Earth are made from the centre of an exploding star!

That means we are made of the same particles that make up the mountains such as the Himalayas and of creatures such as dinosaurs!

In fact, carbon, that is part of every particle in our bodies is only created in the very depths of a supernova.

Here we have replicated the wonder of our universe in textile pieces. We have used silk paints and angelina fibre and sewed on details in the form of beads and sequins.

Here is a selection of the beautiful work we have made.

Kira Patel (5T)        Marcus Gao (5T)

Ms. Pia Kanaan
Junior School Art Teacher

Posted Friday, Sep 20, 2013 

Announcing The 14th Parkway Health Art Competition

Parkway Health would like to invite the students from Dulwich College Junior School to participate in their 14th Annual Charity Art Calendar Contest.

The theme for this year’s calendar is “My Home in China”.

There will be one category that will include work from students aged 7 to 12 years. Students should submit their original artwork to Ms. Pia Kanaan or Ms. Haze Chen in the Junior school art room before Thursday, 17th October.

14th Annual Parkway Health Charity Art Calendar Contest Rules
1. Artwork Specifications
• Type of Art: Painting, sketch, paper cutting or computer-aided drawings (needs to be two dimensional or at least able to scan)
• Size: A3 Size Paper
• Contents: All this information must go on the back of each artwork.
- Artist’s First and Last Name
- Age
- School
- Title of Work

October Art Soapbox competition

Question: If you would combine any two animals, what would it be? What would you call it? What would some of its special / unique abilities be? 

Task: Written portion should be 3-5 sentences along with a drawing

Information: Do not forget to add your name and yeargroup

Deadline: Wednesday, 25th September

Please hand them to Ms. Kanaan or Ms. Haze in the Junior school Art room.


Posted Friday, Sep 6, 2013 

Sketch Book Cover
The children have started this term by discussing their art projects and decorating their sketchbooks in the theme of their projects.

Here is a selection of sketchbook art covers.

Year 3 are studying portraits and have used collage.
Year 4 are studying urban environments and have made a patterned collage.
Year 5 are studying space and have used chalks for their covers.
Year 6 have drawn FEAR with oil crayons to start off their Titanic Project. 



Calling All Writers And Aritists!
Once again I am calling all you talented Dulwich College Junior School artists to think super imaginatively and express yourselves with talent in the exciting City Weekend Art and Writing competition.
As many of you know, we have a fantastic record for winning art competitions and have a proven track record of our artists achieving the first, second or third places. Sometimes all three. Last year we were very proud to have winners in each year group section of the City Weekend competition.

This year the theme is a vision of the ultimate sweet /candy factory. Think about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or images from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with all their Toot Sweets for example.  Lots of rainbow colours, designs, patterns,  filled with your favourite tastes and shapes, would be great.

Any art form is accepted, whether it is a painting, sculpture, comic drawing, collage, 3D diorama … The sky is the limit!

Using your imagination, accompany your beautiful work with a 100 word description.

Let your imagination fly and please ask me if you would like any advice on how to improve your work or ideas.

Remember, the judges will be looking for students who have made a big effort and have obviously spent time on their entries.  You are welcome to use the resources in the Art room for your work.

Please hand in your work to Pia Kanaan or Haze Chen with your name, age and class clearly labelled by Friday 27th October.

Good luck all you great artists! I can't wait to see all those creative sweets!

Ms. Pia Kanaan
Junior school Art Teacher

Posted Thursday, Jun 13, 2013 

Good News!

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 'Oh What A Colourful Life It Is" Art competition. 55 Art entries have been exhibited at the store, Le Mandalay in The Kerry Centre over the last month. The judges of this competition have been the local community visiting The Kerry Centre. They have selected three of our Dulwich College Junior School Artists as the winners out of 55 entries.

1.4-8 years age group:   1st prize - Joy Xu
2.9-12 years age group: 2nd prize - Candy Hsu
3.9-12 years age group: 3rd prize - Pauline Leroi

They will have one cushion illustrated with their own drawing, plus 1 gift from Mandalay. All the winners are asked to go to Le Mandalay store in The Kerry Parkside (near Blue Frog) by next week.
WELL DONE GIRLS!We are proud of you!

Ms. Pia Kanaan
JS Art Teacher

   Joy Xu



    Candy Hsu











    Pauline Leroi

Posted Thursday, May 16, 2013 

Thank you to all the Junior School artists who submitted their beautiful and colourful artwork for the 'Oh What A Colourful Life It Is" art competition. Our Junior School students submitted 16 entries, bursting with colour and life.

The drawings will be displayed in the store 'Le Mandalay', near the Blue Frog at the Kerry Centre between 16th May and 2nd June. The clients who enter the store will be encouraged to vote for their favourite art work. So, please feel free to add your votes!

Once voting has taken place, nine of the artists shall be rewarded for making the most popular artworks.The competition is out of 55 entries. Once the winners have been announced, we will let the children know in assembly and the results will be printed in the newsletter. Good luck to all the participants!

Posted Friday, Apr 12, 2013 

Art Competition Announcement: What a Colourful Life It Is!
Calling All DUCKS and Junior School Artists!

Le Mandalay is glad to announce their 'What a Colourful life It Is' Art competition 2013 for all of you Dulwich College children aged 4-12, who love Art! Do I hear you say, "That’s all of us!"?

The artwork should have the theme 'What a Colourful Life It Is’ (happy moments, a holiday, a festival, for example). It can be in any medium you choose (painting, drawing or print), but it MUST come with a 10-word description (in your best handwriting, please), along with your name, age, year group and school clearly marked on the back.

The competition ends on 12th May (Mother’s Day) and should be submitted to Mrs. Pia Kanaan or Ms. Haze Chen in the Junior School Art Room by Thursday, 9th May to allow submission time.

Students with the finest artworks shall be awarded with certificates and cushions on Sunday, 16th June (Father’s Day!).

Le Mandalay is a leading retailer of beautiful quality home fabrics sought from all over the Far East for home furnishing.

How exciting, children! Off you go! I know you can make some beautiful award-winning work and remember COLOUR (and COLOUR mixing)

Posted Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013 
DCS Y5 Student Art

Posted Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013 
Alyssa Ling Year 5S
Posted Friday, Feb 1, 2013 

We have recently announced that the Junior School Charity Day is on Friday, 22nd February 2013. There will be a hive of different activities all around the school that day to help raise funds towards our charities: the adoption of our 4-year old male panda bear, Ming Ming at the Chengdu Breeding Base and our newer cause in helping the Moon Bears from their lives of misery, through the charity Animals Asia.org. It would be fantastic if we were able to raise enough money to adopt one of the six bears recently rescued from an illegal bile farm in Sichuan province.

In our Art History CCA class, the children are learning how to depict portraits in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci. If you would like to have a quick sketch portrait of your child in the same style using the Smufato technique, I shall be happy to draw it, using sepia colours. All proceeds and donations shall go towards the charities. I shall take a photo/sketch in the Art Room with a light source and shall make the portraits in my spare time. It will be ongoing and will take about 1-2 weeks, depending on demand! The donations go directly to Finance for the Dulwich Bears. Mock-up examples are available for you to see in the Art Room. Please contact haze.chen@dulwich-shanghai.cn or pia.kanaan@dulwich-shanghai.cn for a booking/sitting during break times.

Posted Friday, Jan 25, 2013 

This week has been a very successful one for Dulwich College Junior Art and we would like to share our news!

Two weekends ago, we celebrated the Parkway Health Calendar Contest in a smart ceremony at Concordia for the 12 finalists from all over Shanghai. Shu Yong Tan from 3P was our winning entrant and I was very proud that she represented Dulwich College with her wonderful painting of an underwater scene, showing competence in the use of colour and contrasting tones. Please see the photos below of her with her winning entry on the theme of Save our Planet.

Last weekend, I was very pleased to attend a lavish ceremony at the Renaissance Yu Yuan garden in which 30 Art student finalists were recognised for their talented entries in the City Weekend Art and Writing Competition. We were proud of our three finalists representing Dulwich College, and even more delighted to learn that Vernita Zhai (Year 6) won the overall Winner's prize (one of three winners in all of Shanghai and surrounding cities). Candy Hsu (Year 6 ) won the First Runner-up prize and Cathy Tan in Year 2 won Second Runner-up in her category. 

We are all overjoyed with the results. Well done!



Posted Friday, Jan 18, 2013 

We are proud to announce that Dulwich College Shanghai have three finalists in the City Weekend Art and Writing competition that was held in October 2012. It was based on the theme 'Into the Future'. The finalists are Vernita Zhai 6J, Candy Hsu 6K, and Cathy Tan 2H.

Judging by the A * level entries submitted by the students, they have a wonderful creative future ahead of them. WELL DONE! The awards ceremony shall be announced soon.

This is a photo of Vernita Zhai with her winning entry, a sculptural scroll in 3D depicting the theme of the competition and reflecting a hopeful message.

Posted Friday, Jan 11, 2013 

Students taking part in the Eco Dudes CCA have been making pangolins to raise awareness of the plight of these rare Asian anteaters. Pangolins are in danger of extinction as a result of the Asian restaurant and leather trade.


Posted Friday, Nov 30, 2012 

We have a display of beautiful bear mugs outside the Art Room made by some of the students at DCS. All the mugs are for sale at 40RMB each and we are taking orders now for Christmas.

If you would like to place an order, or make a design for your mug, please contact Pia Kanaan or Haze Chen in the Art Room with the number of mugs you wish to order. All proceeds shall go towards our Dulwich Bears.

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