Students have an open and inquiring mind and are encouraged to be creative, innovative and reflective. As a result, students develop the knowledge, the courage and the resilience to contribute effectively and confidently to an ever-changing world. Please read the content below about what our student/teacher’s understanding and implementation of pioneering spirit.

SOLE enhances the STEAM curriculum at Dulwich Puxi

STEAM and technology are ever changing. Global connectivity, smart machines, and new media are just some of the drivers reshaping how we think about the world and the jobs for the children in our future. 

At Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi we want the children to have their eyes wide open to the future. We want our children to understand the world they are growing up in so they can go into the future technological world able to imagine, create and fathom. The Dulwich STEAM curriculum and our new innovative SOLE lab opens the door to this. Last term, I was very honoured to win a highly-coveted, international education award called the “Pioneering Spirit Grant” - a grant that funded groundbreaking ideas. SOLE is one of those.

SOLE stands for "Self Organised Learning Environment” and is the brainchild of the award-winning TED talk speaker Professor Sugata Mitra. In essence, teachers enter the SOLE lab with their students and pose wonderfully rich, open questions such as "What makes us human?" "How do we imagine?" "What is the colour of music?” 

The children then organise themselves within the lab and quickly form their own groups to begin a humming exchange of information, exclamation, thoughts, ideas and conclusions. It is a privilege to see children learning through their fingertips and developing essential future learning, collaborative and creative skills. For this reason, STEAM and SOLE are now integral lessons within our students’ daily learning at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi.  Come and look at our innovative SOLE lab which is now part of Sugata’s network of Schools in the Cloud, the room certainly has the wow factor, but the real awe and wonder is the learning that takes place in those four walls.  We love this quote from Einstein “You Don’t Have to Know Everything. You Just Have to Know Where to Find It” The SOLE lab will enable our children to truly discover, learn and find our answers themselves, a highly valued and important skill for their future.

Ms Sarah Leonard 
Primary Lead for STEAM  
Assistant Head of Primary

Pioneering Spirit initiatives in Dulwich Pudong

Mobile Makerspaces

Mobile makerspaces give students and teachers access to a whole new range of materials and tools that were not available previously in the classroom. The technology they will have available in the carts - the audio/visual tools, robotics kits. 3D printer - will open new pathways of learning, and extend tasks beyond pencil and paper. The intent is not to thrust technology into old lesson plans, but rather enable new tasks and learning objectives that had not been possible before. As a library-led initiative, these mobile makerspaces will not be the domain or directive of any one department. Instead, they will serve as portable interdisciplinary bridges, providing opportunities for students and faculty to connect with each other through shared curiosity and common goals. Just as the library is for everyone, these makerspaces will be as well. However, use of these makerspaces need not be limited to the physical library itself. Given their mobile nature, maker-centred learning will be able take place wherever inspiration strikes, be it in the classroom or the theatre, the gym or the lab.

Ms Lauren Bull 
Senior School Librarian

Pioneering Spirit and Poetry

The aim of our project is to use an online platform and video-conferencing or Skype to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and to promote student voice through poetry and creative writing, using technology to develop the work of the Diversity project. The project reflects the Learning Principle adopted by DCl that 'learning is best when it is personalised. Our main aim is to appoint a virtual-poet-in-residence who will work with pupils through 1: 1 tutorials and whole-year group online workshops. The project is aligned to the Dulwich SE21 Vision as it incorporates entrepreneurship (and the launch of DICE) with the establishment of a school poetry press.

Ms Celia Shephard
Teacher of English

The Adapted Learning Classroom

The Adapted Learning Classroom is aimed solely at improving the learning experiences and outcomes of our Maths students. Creating an adaptable 21stcentury learning space, that allows for collaboration, creativity and enhanced Learning to take place, supports 21st Century Learning. The adapted Learning Classroom will allow for movement away from lecture style layouts within classrooms. The learning environment will be student-led due to the flexibility of the furniture and the capability to write down and enhance ideas literally anywhere. Everywhere becomes a learning space. The hope is that not only will learning outcomes improve in Maths, but that soft-skills such as presentation, communication and risk-taking, will all improve by virtue of being practised and relied upon far more in the learning process, as well as having the resources to enable these to be practised to a standard not currently possible.

Mr Matthew Harris
Teacher of Mathematics and Assistant Head (Data & Tracking)



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在上海德威浦西学校,我们希望孩子们对未来睁大眼睛。 我们希望我们的孩子了解他们正在成长的世界,以便他们能够进入未来技术世界在那里能够发挥想象能力,创造能力和理解能力。上海德威STEAM课程与我们最新的创新型SOLE实验室为此打开了大门。上学期,我有幸获得了一项梦寐以求的国际教育奖,它被誉为“先锋精神奖”,是用于资助具有突破性创意的想法。SOLE是其中之一。

SOLE代表着“自主学习的环境”,这是屡获殊荣的TED演讲者Sugata Mitra教授的心血结晶。从本质上讲,教师与他们的学生一起进入SOLE实验室并提出非常丰富和具有开放性的问题,例如“是什么让我们成为人类?” “我们是如何想象的?” “音乐的颜色是什么?”

然后,孩子们在实验室内自主组织起来,迅速组建自己的小组,开始私下悄声地交换着信息,感受,想法,点子和结论。 很高兴看到孩子们通过指尖敲打键盘进行信息检索并且开发了他们未来必要的学习能力,相互协作和创造性技能。

请来看看我们创造的SOLE实验室,它现在也是Sugata教授在云端网络学校中的一部分,这个教室一定有一些让你感到惊叹的地方,但真正的敬畏和奇迹是这个学习过程就发生在这四面墙里。我们喜欢爱因斯坦的这句话:“你不必知道一切。 你只需要知道在哪里找到它” SOLE实验室将使我们的学生们自己去真正发现,学习和找到答案,这是他们未来的一项非常具有价值并且重要的技能。鉴于此,STEAM和SOLE现已成为了上海德威浦西学生日常学习课程的一个部分。

Ms Sarah Leonard 




Ms Lauren Bull 



Ms Celia Shephard



Mr Matthew Harris



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