A new subject starts in the Key Stage 3 Curriculum of the Senior School this year.  Mr Philip Whitaker joins us to teach Computer Science.  The subject is being introduced in Years 7-9 this year and will then roll through into iGCSE next year. 

Our brand new partnership and International Football Academy in partnership with the San Jose Earthquakes starts this term.  News and details will be coming to you very shortly.  This is a hugely exciting development for the College and a wonderful opportunity for our students, which I know many are eagerly awaiting.


Our new Film and Media Centre has been installed in the Junior School as a facility for all sections of the school and all departments and is now almost ready.  Ms Rebecca Payne joins us from the BBC to help our existing technical and teaching staff to exploit the potential of this new facility to the full in developing our students' skills in using Visual and Audio media to support their studies.  I am very excited to see and hear what emerges from this room in due course.

Our new Mandarin Curriculum goes live this term after huge amounts of preparatory work to map levels and prepare assessment materials. There will be parent information sessions very soon to help parents to understand the new approaches and how best to support their children.  I am pleased to announce that our new Head of Mandarin Faculty will be joining us from her current school in Australia after the winter holiday.  She is an additional member of staff whose task will be to embed the new curriculum and oversee resource development as well to lead professional development for the whole Mandarin faculty.  In the meantime, Annabel Parker, Director of Mandarin at DCI, will continue to be based here and to work closely with the team.

Our new Sports Centre is now rapidly reaching completion.  Spectacular progress has been achieved over the summer.  This is going to be a genuinely impressive building and a wonderful addition to the school.  The pool and other facilities will be tested during September and handover to the school will be shortly after the October week holiday. We are currently planning the programmes, particularly for swimming that we will now be able to promote. As well as a full programme of curriculum swimming for every student in the school, there will also be a very extensive extra-curricular programme for both elite and development squads. We are currently recruiting expat specialist coaching for the Aquatics programmes.

Following a set of excellent IB results, the publication of this year’s (I)GCSE results has provided further cause for celebration. As in previous years, there are a number of exceptional achievements.

(I)GCSE results continue to be outstanding with the percentage of A*/A grades at 73%, with 99% of all grades being C or higher.

Of all the 77 candidates, 55% recorded an average grade, greater than an A, in all subjects. The number of subject entries is also worthy of note, the average being over 10 different subjects per student. 42 of the 77 students were awarded with 8 or more A/A* on their subject entries.

We look forward to the future achievements at IB Diploma level, of the class of 2017.

Mr. Damien Charnock, Headmaster said: "We are again left feeling immensely proud of what our students have achieved in their external examinations. This year’s results are a tremendous tribute to the hard work of the students and their teachers. The same students have taken part in a huge range of competitive sports, dramatic productions, musical events and ensembles, community service and too many other activities to list, and yet they still make the time to excel in their academic pursuits. They never fail to amaze and impress me.”

Ms. Julie Thomas
Assistant Head (Data and Tracking) 

  • 90%
    Students attend their first choice university
  • 50%+
    Teachers are British
  • 40+
    Different Nationalities are represented in our diverse student body
  • 100+
    Matches played last year by our sports teams
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