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China’s Vice Premier, Ms. Liu Yandong and Mayor of Shanghai Mr. Yang Xiong were very impressed by Dulwich College Shanghai’s Drum and Mei Lan Fang Choir performances at the 4th Meeting of the China-UK High-Level People-to-People Dialogue Banquet on Tuesday, 6th December 2016. British Secretary of State for Health, Mr. Jeremy Hunt gave a speech at the conference. The dialogue is a key pillar in the UK-China relationship: it provides a forum to celebrate ties between the two countries, and a platform from which to drive greater co-operation. 

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Dulwich College Shanghai Chinese Drum Performance

Dulwich College Shanghai Choir

Vice Premier Liu Yan Dong with Dulwich College Shanghai students

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Chien Year 13

Celine Year 13

Mayu Year 13

Gigi Year 13

Kaira Year 12

Britney Year 12

Leon Year 12

Interview with Clarisse

How long have you studied at DCS? 
I have studied at DCS for two years - my IB years. 

What have you enjoyed about studying at DCS? 
Studying at DCS has been an amazing experience. My teachers were passionate and supportive, sparking my interest in not only the courses' content, but also on wider issues and ideas. What I also loved was the atmosphere in school: serious and hard-working in the classroom, and fun and relaxed in the IB common room. This balance made studying at DCS truly enjoyable. Moreover, I loved being able to interact and work with peers and teachers from all over the world, as every individual's unique background and experiences contributed to the creation of very insightful discussions and debates.  

Another great memory was our Graduation. The singing with the DUCKS children as well as the clapping and cheering from Junior and Senior students while we toured the school brought our school community together and illustrated DCS's collective spirit. 

What are your fondest memories? 
Something I will always remember was an experiment we carried out in Biology class, were we used micropropagation to clone cauliflower. Being able to use my knowledge of cell division and plants in this real life investigation was exciting and extremely interesting.

What subjects did you study at IB? 
I studied Higher Level Geography, Biology and Economics, and Standard Level Mathematics, Mandarin ab Initio, and English Language and Literature.

Which university do you plan to attend this year?  
I will be attending the University of Oxford.

What is your chosen degree? 
My chosen degree is Geography. 

What are your plans after university?  
After university, I would like to work in an organization that tackles the environmental and social challenges the world is facing today.

Interview with Jerry

How long have you studied at DCS?
7 years, from year 7

What have you enjoyed about studying at DCS?
The teachers are incredibly friendly, so it’s easy to build more personal relationships with them. I think these are what made my time in the classroom so enjoyable as they created a more jovial atmosphere, which really bolstered my will and ability to learn.

What are your fondest memories? 
Undertaking the gruelling (yet extremely rewarding) adventurous journeys of the International Award with my friends, and training for and winning countless games and championships with the D1 rugby team.

What subjects did you study at IB?  
Higher Level - Economics, Biology, Chemistry
Standard Level - Mandarin B, Mathematics, English Language/Literature

Which university do you plan to attend this year?  
Monash University

What is your chosen degree? 

What are your plans after university?  
To undertake and complete my residency to become a doctor.


Dulwich Talks was the Senior School’s keynote academic event of the year. It comprised of a symposium in which all students from Years 10 to 13 were engaged in stimulating multi-disciplinary talks, seminars and panel discussions around a common theme, Resilience. Speakers were selected to ensure that the talks incorporated a wide range of academic fields, whilst seminars push students to explore challenging new concepts that are not necessarily part of the everyday curricula.

Please enjoy the event photographs below:

 Ann Daniels - Polar Explorer

Panel discussion with guest speakers
Venna Rao - Civil Rights Lawyer, Yu Song - Chief China Economist
and Jonathan Woetzel - Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company

Xinran Xue - Journalist and writer

Workshop with Jimmy Mao - Senior School Mathematics Teacher

Workshop with Lisa Low - Head of DUCKS

  • 38.3
    DCS average IB score V World average of 30
  • IGCSE Results
    2 Top in China, History & Chinese as a second language
  • Eco School
    Bronze Award
    Examination Centre
  • 266 Lan An Rd, Jin Qiao, Pudong, 201206

  • 主校区
  • 上海市浦东金桥蓝桉路266号 201206
  • 425 Lan An Rd, Jin Qiao, Pudong, 201206

  • 幼儿园校区
  • 上海市浦东金桥蓝桉路425号 201206

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